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       1. The after-sales service hotline: 13584832524 0512-56360063 

      If your device needs to maintain, or consultation with technical problems, please dail directly the telephone of the above contact my company's after-sales service. 

      2. The after-sales service policy: 

      Since the date of the arrival of the goods, the quality is "three packs of" one year, life-long maintenance. 

      3. Improve the customer files: 

      Complete customer equipment files, each service activities were recorded in detail, may at any time the query, analysis on reasonable. 

      4. Perfect quality supervision system: 

      (1) after the new equipment debugging or the arrival of the first phase, telephone return visit to 7 to 20 days; 

      (2) after each door-to-door service, 5 to 10 days for telephone return visit user usage; 

      (3) after accepting, reply within 24 hours.